Wheelies Business Plan

Voici le BP du prochain club « wheelies «  de Simon walsh,Si vous souhaitez l’aider, n’hesitez pas à envoyer des feed back.


Wheelies Business Plan 


Wheelies is the first disability themed nightclub within secondlife and was first properly launched in September 2006 and is being relaunched on 18th May 2007. The club is a friendly environment where disabled and non-disabled sl users can meet and dance without fear of prejudice.  


The location of Wheelies shall be the ‘Second Ability’ island which is an island rented by Enable Enterprises from Warda Kawabata and will be situated by the beach. The island shall also include the Stevens Centre for disability training.  Premise The Wheelies shall consist of 4 floors. The ground floor shall be the reception area and will have comfortable chairs and a chill out area, along with private offices. It will have posters linking to other clubs. At the main entrance will be a large ramp into the second floor.  The first floor will be the main dance floor and stage, this will be much larger than the original club and will be visually ‘wow’ing with fish tanks, photo galleries, good lighting and so on. The floor will have side ramps to the 2nd floor and top floor. The second floor will be a private function room for events either rented or for Wheelies Gold Members. This will have a smaller dance floor and will have tables and chairs around the sides    . The top floor will be a open air area will a swimming pool, outdoor furniture and a dance floor. It shall have a summer feel with plants etc. The club shall also have a glass lift reaching all floors. The main style of the club shall be modern and metallic with lots of clear glass and a spacious but friendly feel. The building of the club is up for tender and the highest quality is demanded. An initial fee of 100,000l is proposed.  

Staffing The club shall employ a full time manager to handle all aspects of the club to be agreed. The club shall also employ regular DJs as the schedule develops. It will also hire guest DJs and live artists as appropriates. Fees will vary from 200l to 500l per hour.  

Schedule Wheelies’ schedule will be developed slowly and will be more ‘chilled’ than previously. The existence of Wheelies is positive enough and there is no longer any desire to make Wheelies the best but rather a good place to relax and chill whether users are disabled or not. The focus is on the quality of events and not the frequency of events.  Promotions Wheelies shall be promoted in a number of ways including the Wheelies group and the website (www.wheeliesclub.com). Other methods shall including posting events and having events in other venues. Once such events is the “Wheelies in Dublin” event hold every fortnight. There shall also be a Wheels Gold group which will charge 500l to join and offers member a range of benefits.  

Further Information To make comments or suggestion please IM Simon Walsh or email wheelies@enableenterprises.com. 

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